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A Message from the Chair

February 2006

A Message from the Chair:

I am honored to serve as the newly elected Chair for the LLPVRC, Board of Examiners.  Please join me in taking a moment to recognize our outgoing Chair, Carla Seyler.  Carla has left some large shoes to fill, but has also been a great teacher in the almost three years that I have been serving with her on the Board.  Carla has been our fearless leader through interesting times, and has given selflessly in pursuit of the greater good of our organization.  I hope that you will join me in thanking her, and all of the Board members, past and present, for taking time out of their lives and busy work schedules to dedicate themselves to work to uphold the sanctity of our professional licenses.  As Beth Drury exits her tenure on the Board (thank you Beth!), we welcome Buster Fontenot, who recently joined us.  Please know that we are your Board.  I hope that everyone will feel comfortable in contacting us with your questions, concerns, hopes and praises.  We are contending with never before considered issues following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and we are striving to answer your queries as timely and efficiently as possible while also rebuilding our own personal and professional lives.  I am proud that our community has always been one that pulls together, through good times and bad.  Letís continue to put our best foot forward.

 Ashley E. Bryars


LLPVRC, Board of Examiners   

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